The project


This project stems from a problem we face in our schools : It is insufficient involvement of parents in educational process,which results in underachievement,dropping out of school and excessive burden for school administration.


The project aims to provide sustainable success by enhancing inclusion of parents in the educational process.


We established a 2-year partnership consisting of 7 countries: Turkey, Latvia, Greece, Poland, Portugal,Spain and Romania. All our partners are secondary schools with (15-19) year-old students.


During the project lifecycle we have planned 7 transnational meetings. At 2 of these meetings we will have 2 5-day long LTT activities for students about

1) Relationship and Communication Management (in Turkey)

2) ICT skills: Club Code-App Inventor (in Greece).

At the other 5 meetings,we will have workshops and management meetings where monitoring and evaluating activities and reports will be handled.


All the project activities have been designed with the aim of enhancing parent involvement. Here the crucial point is that their design is on the basis of willingness and enthusiasm rather than obligatory terms,which will hopefully affect the impact of the project positively. The activities are as the following:

1) Writing down awareness about relationships on the specially designed notebooks,(students and parents are supposed to use the notebooks at a 2-month slot)

2) Preparing a scenic calendar having aide-memoires to enhance relationships (parent-child, child-teacher,teacher parent)

3) Cross-curricular dossiers that have been designed to be applied with the participation of parents, students and teachers

4) Thematic meetings emphasizing some universal values- equity, culture, time and its management etc.

5) Street parade

6) Mural reflecting the message of the project

The deliverables and outputs:

1) A booklet with quotations from ‘awareness notebooks’

2) Printed scenic calendar

3) The notes of learning/teaching/training activities

4) Printed and digital forms of cross-curricular activities

5) Notes for thematic meetings

6) The charter of the EU club etc.

Idicators of the anticipated impact:

  • Higher academic achievement
  • Decreased number of dropouts
  • Improved manners
  • Improved language and digital skills
  • Increased cultural awareness.