Niepubliczne Gimnazjum “Keglik”

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Emilia Ostrowska is the chairwoman of the Association of Graduates and Supporters of the Senior High School in Środa Wielkopolska (Stowarzyszenie Absolwentów i Sympatyków Liceum Ogólnokształcącego im. Powstańców Wielkopolskich w Środzie Wielkopolskiej). One of the main aims of our activities is to integrate the community of the school, which was founded in 1922. Our association is also the governing authority for the Independent Junior High School “Keglik”Independent Junior High School “Keglik”, which has been functioning since 1 September 2012 and is located in the same building as the Senior High School in Środa Wielkopolska. All our teachers are at the same time the teachers of the senior high school and members of our association. The name “Keglik” comes from the name of reverend Teofil Kegel whose name was given to the street where both schools are located. The name “Keglik” was chosen in the contest won by Beata Szymańska, who graduated from the Senior High School in Środa in 1994 and works as an English language teacher now. Our junior high school was given a logo designed by Jerzy Antkowiak, who is an artist and graduated from the Senior High School in Środa in 1964. Each student of our junior high school receives a modern badge with the logo of our school at the beginning of their education to confirm the membership of the community of our school. Currently there are three classes in our junior high school (one class in each year) with 120 students altogether. The candidates for our school are very talented with excellent results in primary schools as our aim is not the large number of students but the quality of education. Moreover, the aim of our junior high school is to prepare the young people for their future education in the Senior High School in Środa. During our work with the students we focus on development of their interests. Taking this into account, we look for solutions and opportunities to fulfil this challenge. Among our main achievements there is the prestigious title of “School – the Discoverer of Talents” (“Szkoła Odkrywców Talentów”) which was given to us by the Centre for Development of Education (Ośrodek Rozwoju Edukacji) for the achievements of our students in sciences and art. Furthermore, we treat the participation of our school in European programmes (e.g. Erasmus Plus programme) as one of our priorities. Currently we are searching for schools which are governed by associations in Europe to start cooperation and to enable our junior high school students to learn about Europe by direct contacts. In this respect we cooperate with Polish School SEN in Dublin and we take part in Comenius project with schools from the Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Portugal. We are interested in student exchanges and writing the Erasmus Plus project together with other schools.