Livanio Senior High School of Kardamyla

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Our home town is called Kardamyla. It is situated 28 kilometres north of the capital on the east coast of Chios. Chios is an island in the Eastern Aegean Sea. Kardamyla is a large village, divided into two sections, separated from each other by about two kilometres.

The two sections together support a population of about 2,000 inhabitants, so there are plenty of restaurants and shops to be found. The older section lies at the foot of the steep hill called Mount Grias.

It’s a beautiful seaside village surrounded by mountains. Narrow, cobblestone streets, some with covered passageways, highlight the stone houses and emphasize the traditional aspects of it. The village was built on the site of an ancient village of the same name. It lies above and overlooking the second, newer section of the village, which is referred to as Marmaro where our school is located.

The creation of the High School in Kardamyla in 1918, was a real blessing for the village. It was a donation by Mr Livanos a wealthy shipping industry magnate. Our school is the oldest on the island, after the high school of Chios, and one of the oldest in Greece. Most of tour graduates work in the shipping industry –there are many shipping companies owned by people from Kardamyla.

An important year for the high school was in 1966, when George Livanos’, grandson of the founder of the school, visited Kardamyla and donated 40,000 sterling pounds for the construction of another building for the creation of Senior High School of Kardamyla.

The opening of the new school took place on 09.14.1967 .The new building included five classrooms, Laboratory, Library, Reading Room, offices for teachers. Since then there have been many repairs and additions to the group of schools – Gymnasium, Senior High School, and Naval High School of Kardamyla-to get the current version. The current Senior High School offers General Studies and Liberal Arts.