Daugavpils 16.Vidusskola

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Daugavpils secondary school Nr.16 began its work in 1988. The school has an extensive material and technical base: 2 swimming pools, a football field, athletics runner, several basketball courts and 2 gyms. Currently, the school is proud of success in sports. On the football field of Secondary school territory are traditionally held sports and health day, a variety of competitions. The school has two information technology rooms, cabinets for a speech therapist, a psychologist, a career consultant, a social pedagogue and special educators. The school is proud of modern biology, chemistry, physics and math cabinets, a light and spacious canteen, which can simultaneously serve 300 children. On the first floor, where is situated the primary school, established the zoo for children to get acquainted with a variety of animals, birds and watch the fish. Since 2006, the school is known across the country for its professional course of study, signed an agreement with the Interior and Defence Ministries. This program prepares students to service in the armed forces structures. Pupils are taught national defense. School dedicates a lot of time to extra-curricular activities, so the school has created and runs a variety of interests in the field of education (music, theater, art, history, tradition) circles. Also, pupils like extra-curricular CLIL lessons, which are very popular nowadays. There are 665 students and 59 teachers in Daugavpils Secondary School 16. A lot of attention is devoted to sports and healthy lifestyle. This year, thanks to the Latvian Olympic Committee, 3B class participates in sports project. Daugavpils secondary school Nr. 16 wishes to cooperate with other schools in order to exchange experiences, share ideas, make new friends, improve language skills in English.