Cubuk Yildirim Beyazit Anadolu Lisesi

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Cubuk Yildirim Beyazit Anadolu Lisesi is a high school working according to the regulations of the Ministry of National Education of Turkey. Although it was established as a high school in Cubuk, a suburb of Ankara, TURKEY, in1952, the school had served as a primary school in the 19th century. Çubuk is 40 km away from Ankara with a population of 82.000. It is famous for its world-wide known pickles and every year there is an international pickle festival in September.Also Çubuk has a historical significance for Turkey : The Battle of Ankara , fought on 20 July 1402, took place at the field of Çubuk between the forces of the Sultan Bayezid I and Timur, ruler of the Timurid Empire. The battle was a major victory for Timur, and it led to a period of crisis for the Ottoman Empire. The school’s vision is to enhance the total quality of education and to be a leading and outstanding school. The school’s mission is to enable its students to have universal values, be tolerant, idealistic, leader, humane and creative individuals. Located at such an important region ,our school aims to enable its students to be aware of their history and with this dynamism to set their future goals to be citizens of the world. It is a high school with its 748 students and 55 teachers. It has a dormitory for male students whose families live neighbouring towns.All the classrooms are equipped with smart boards so teachers and students are able to use ICT tools in lessons. The school has a large area (5742 m2) consisting of two seperate buildings in a single garden. Senior students study at Block A where they are able to focus on their university entrance exam, which is held across the country annually. There are also a library, assesment and evaluation office, two painting studios, a teachers’ room and two administrative offices in that building. Grade 9- 10 – 11 students study at Block B. In that building; there are a science lab, a multi-purpose hall for general meetings and cultural activities, a teachers’ room, a room for guidance and counseling service, a room for sports equipment, and 3 administrative offices. In each blocks, there are toilets for both genders. Some toilets have been specially designed for handicapped students. The total number of classrooms in both buildings is 34. The school has a big garden (4.215m2) with two basketball pitches and two pergolas. The front part of the garden is surrounded with tall and old pine trees. The school encourages its students to take part in different sports and cultural activities. This results in prominent success in chess tournements, kick-boxing matches, volleyball and basketball tournements and sports sprint organizations held nationally. Moreover, some students excelled in drama, music and literature contests organized in and out of the town. Although there is a positive atmosphere for learning and education; due to some aspects of modern life – sense of loneliness, threat of drug addiction and risk of early school leaving – can be regarded as the biggest problems of students.