Romania picnic and street parade

On the 16th of October at Liceul Tehnologic Hîrlău, our students, parents and teachers gathered to celebrate and participate in several activities. Our EU Club students have prepared flash cards with the Erasmus messages and also a very large banner to raise awareness in the community towards the purpose of our project and towards the results we obtain through it. The street parade was followed by a debate … Continue reading Romania picnic and street parade

Spanish-Street Parade (20th september 2017 )

This has been the dissemination activity (D.10) with which we opened the second year of our project. For this dissemination activity our Latvian partner prepared a material (A.13) with messages reflecting the importance of family inclusion in school, the importance of family communication and the relationship between parents, mothers and children. With this material, we made advertising triptychs that our Erasmus Club distributed in a … Continue reading Spanish-Street Parade (20th september 2017 )