Activity and picnic in Portugal

Our European club students have prepared flash cards with the Erasmus messages they have chosen. Those cards were then presented to our younger students in an informal and friendly atmosphere. A discussion around the idea that we need to connect home and school for the benefit of all has been surprisingly positive. On the 14th November, our school 39th anniversary, students, parents and teachers gathered … Continue reading Activity and picnic in Portugal

General review – Romania Meeting

The 5th transnational meeting of PIE  was held in Romania on 27th Nov -01 st Dec 2017.  At the beginning we were sure that we would see wonderful places and meet wonderful people but it ended up with a fairy tale, which is full of medieval castles , kings and queens and a magnificent scenery.The meeting began in the cosy atmosphere that our dear hosts … Continue reading General review – Romania Meeting

Romania Meeting – 1st December, 2017. Day 5

On the 5th day in Romania, we gathered together early in the morning, and left Hirlau in order to go to Iasi. We were welcomed by the open-hearted owner of the “Perla Iasului” hotel. We visited a small ethnic museum inside the hotel on the first floor, and got acquainted with Romanian traditions. Then, we visited the Metropolitan Cathedral “Saint Parascheva” which was founded by … Continue reading Romania Meeting – 1st December, 2017. Day 5

Romania Meeting – 30th November, 2017. Day 4

On Thursday, the 30th November the teachers of the seven countries involved in the project Erasmus +, Parent Involvement in Education, gathered and visited the Vine and Wine Museum in Harlau. There a guide led us to a visit through the past by explaining the presence of wine in three major moments of life of Moldavian people: birth and christening; marriage and death with burial. … Continue reading Romania Meeting – 30th November, 2017. Day 4

Romania Meeting – 29th November, 2017. Day 3

On the third day we woke up in Bran. A beautiful city that appared snowed. We arrived to Bran Castle early and we were walking around the etnographic museum. Our first goal was to go up the frozen ramp to the castle. Once inside, we knew about some historic people who lived there. Mihaela and Ioanna, told us about Queen Mary and her husband, King … Continue reading Romania Meeting – 29th November, 2017. Day 3

Romania Meeting – 28th November, 2017. Day 2

On the 2nd day in Romania, we all started for a trip early in the morning. On the bus, Mihaela told us about the history of the country and all historical sights and interesting places we were passing by. Our first stop was the ZOO where we could see many interesting animals, the most exciting of all being the white bear, unfortunately fast asleep. The … Continue reading Romania Meeting – 28th November, 2017. Day 2

Romania Meeting – 27th November, 2017. Day 1

The 1st day of our 5th transnational project meeting commenced as planned. It was really great to meet together almost two months later after the meeting in Turkey. We set off at 9:00 to Liceul Technologic Hirlau from Conan Polizu Manor, a great choice for accomodation. At the school entrance, students dressed in traditional outfits offered us bread and salt to welcome us. After the … Continue reading Romania Meeting – 27th November, 2017. Day 1

The Greek picnic!

On Friday, October 13th we held in our school the picnic activity. Two days before the picnic our students translated the slogans sent by Latvia and they painted the banners with great joy and creativity. Then we visited an idyllic landscape in our village and the parents came and offered with great willingness homemade dishes. We were impressed by their participation and willingness to cook … Continue reading The Greek picnic!

Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 30th September, 2017. Day 5

The last day of our 4th transnational project meeting was the most amazing one! We visited Istanbul, one of the most charming and fascinating cities in the world which brings together two continents, Europe and Asia. After a delightful breakfast by the sea, we visited the top attractions of the city starting with Top Kapi Palace. We wandered in the beautiful gardens, learned about the … Continue reading Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 30th September, 2017. Day 5