Greek Meeting – 8th March, 2018. Day 4

On 8th of March we had, just like in previous days, a wonderful programme. The first thing was meeting with local authorities at the Maria Tsakos Foundation and at the City Hall. We felt appreciated and most welcomed.
The gem of the day was the excursion at the medieval villages Augonima, Anavatos, and the visit of the Nea Moni Monastery where we received great information about the history, the architecture, the mozaic and the christian orthodox rituals in the Greek Church.
After the tour we had lunch at Augonima and a great project meeting.
The Farewell Dinner closed another perfect day and made us somehow sad because the actual farewell is incredibly close.
We would like to thank our perfect host for the great moments we had in Chios, to all the partners because they make every meeting a pure joy and to our special coordinator for everything we received.
P.S. We love Chios!
P.P.S. Love you all!


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