Greek Meeting – 6th March, 2018. Day 2

The second day started with a wonderful training of traditional Greek dance workshop at Chios Culture Centre. Under the instruction of Mr Sarantos Kostidis our Erasmus team enjoyed the Greek dances, which enabled us to attain our goal of cultural exchange and mutual respect. They danced in harmony. After the dance workshop we went to the Koraes Library whose history goes back to 1792. It is one of the oldest and biggest libraries in Greece. Apart from priceless books, the library has manuscripts, periodicals, newspapers, paintings, coins, maps and other items of great value through the donations by eminent intellectuals. After visiting the library we went to the Byzantium museum which was initially built as a mosque during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid in the 19th century.
After that we went to the Chios Castle which was built at 10th century by the Byzantines. What amazed us about the castle is its still having imhabitants in itself. Walking through the narrow streets of the castle, we lived the history. In the castle we visited two important places: 1. The archeology office which used to be a secondary school durinfmg the Ottoman Empire time. Our next deatination was the Ottoman hammam which was newly renovated. Afterwards we had our lunch in .Mpaxari restaurant where we had chance to taste traditional Greek cuisine. We went on our daily excursion with the Kampos tour. Kampos is one of the most distinctive areas in Chios. It is a unique residential complex, where the natural envuronment is in total harmony with the local architecture. It is widely known for the impressive mansions with their citrus fruits gardens. The area is protected by the Greek Ministery of Culture. Our final destination was a citrus store, where we learned about the history of tangerine trade and tasted the mastic sweet water. On arriving at the hotel, we had free time for shopping. Thanks to our dear Greek friends for this wonderful day.


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