Greek Meeting – 5th March, 2018. Day 1

Today we started our meeting in Greece, a special one, because first with our students. We can’t wait to meet each other. Students to know  new friends, teachers to meet already good known friends…
At first, in morning we had a breakfast in a hotel canteen. Then we went to Kardamyla, where we had a welcome ceremony, which included short speech and show of the national Greek dances (music as well). After that we had a coffee break. We had sightseeing as well, right after activity named “Getting to know each other at school”. We went to have a lunch about 3 p.m. We eat some traditional greek food which comes from local society. It was such a tasty experience. Right after lunch we went back to school to have an Computer unplugged activity. It was also fun. Then our tired and fascinated by the day group went back to the hotel to have a rest and regain some strength before welcone ceremony day. Food was also traditional and, of course, delicious. Summarizing, our group had a day full of terrific activities, which not only made us tired – they showed us how the Greece really looks like as well.


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