Romania Meeting – 30th November, 2017. Day 4

On Thursday, the 30th November the teachers of the seven countries involved in the project Erasmus +, Parent Involvement in Education, gathered and visited the Vine and Wine Museum in Harlau. There a guide led us to a visit through the past by explaining the presence of wine in three major moments of life of Moldavian people: birth and christening; marriage and death with burial. The exhibition allowed us to get acquainted with some native objects; customs; beliefs and practices.

The group also had the opportunity to learn about the ancient process of making wine and to see the tools used in wine production as well as the interior of houses and wine storage. The objects used to preserve or to drink wine (pottery) and the textile handicrafts are also a major attraction in the museum.

The group also had a wine tasting at the end of the visit in a friendly and cosy atmosphere.

After a tasty and varied lunch at Restaurant Tãpusã, the group had a meeting at Liceu Harlau. The project coordinator, Selma Tore presented the scenic calendar and asked the group to express their opinion about the final layout. The group was very pleased at the result.

The second point of the meeting was the photo exhibition of the project. The Romanian team showed and explained the work they have done. All the other teachers agreed to have this exhibition divided in two topics: «Me and my family» and «Me and my school» with five pictures each. Each country will have the task to choose the best pictures and send them to the Greek team who will be responsible for a slide show exhibition of all countries together.

The third point of the meeting was the Cross-curricular dossiers. The teams were reminded of the themes and dates for each dossier. The layout and the contents were also discussed. Each dossier must have a total of four pages in format A4. It must have an introduction (importance of the topic and basic information about it) and a discussion section.

Then the group settled the dates for the visit to Chios, in Greece. This trip requires special attention as the students of the project will be also travelling to this destination to participate in a students’ interaction program. The trip will take place from the 5th to the 9th of March. The teachers have expressed their concerns about the lack of money to provide the students a proper accommodation as the plane tickets are very expensive. The Greek teachers will try to host students in family houses, to soften this problem.

The group also received some information about the trip to Polland, which will be next and final. It will take place in May, from the 7th to the 11th. The students will also have an interaction program in this country.

In the evening the group gathered for the Certificate awarding ceremony dinner at Polizu Manor.  A beautiful singing and dancing show was offered by the students of Liceu Harlau. It was a touching and cultural moment. The atmosphere was fantastic and the involvement of students and teachers was wonderful. Romanian teachers and students proved to be a very rich country in culture and in heart. It was an amazing experience which will always be reminded with tenderness.




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