Romania Meeting – 29th November, 2017. Day 3

On the third day we woke up in Bran. A beautiful city that appared snowed. We arrived to Bran Castle early and we were walking around the etnographic museum. Our first goal was to go up the frozen ramp to the castle. Once inside, we knew about some historic people who lived there. Mihaela and Ioanna, told us about Queen Mary and her husband, King Ferdinand. They both are so important for romanian people. Moreover we could know more about Vlad Tepes, and the legend that continued with the Stoker´s book. After that, we were shopping in the market under the castle hill.

Rassnov Castle was supposed to be next station, but unfortunately, the weather conditions changed our plan.  Then we go on to Brasnov.

This beautiful and funny town, showed us its medieval streets and the magnificent Black Church. There the guide explained us the history of the church and how Lutheran Restoration began from here to the rest of Romania.

Final surprise was the amazing Piata Mare in Sibius, where we knew the traditional market, where mixture of smells and Christmas Lighting create a magic atmosphere. Some of us walked through the narrow streets around the square while the rest took advantage to buy in the market.

At the end we went back to Hirlau, a long trip to our Romanian home


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