Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 30th September, 2017. Day 5

The last day of our 4th transnational project meeting was the most amazing one! We visited Istanbul, one of the most charming and fascinating cities in the world which brings together two continents, Europe and Asia. After a delightful breakfast by the sea, we visited the top attractions of the city starting with Top Kapi Palace. We wandered in the beautiful gardens, learned about the long history of the palace and we admired of the Marmaras sea. Then we visited the impressive and imposing Agia Sofia which filled us with emotions with the unique mosaics aged from the Byzantine period. It was firstly built as an orthodox temple, then as mosque and now it is one of the most important museums worldwide. Afterwards, we were impressed by Blue Mosque with the blue Iznik tiles.The last attraction was the breathtaking,  wonderful Dolma Bahce Palace with the rich and luxurious decoration.Then we enjoyed a boat trip in Bosporos which offered us a breathtaking sea view. Suddenly, we had a little surprise, we came across a traditional Sirian wedding that most of us had never seen before! In the end, we had a delicious meal in our farewell dinner and we were sad for leaving this hospitable country with the uncountable, strong, oriental aromas and flavors! We are grateful for everything you offered but especially for your pure friendship! We thank the Turkish team for the hospitality, the kindness and the generosity that gently offered and we are looking forward to having our next meeting in Romania! We will miss you all dear friends… until we meet again!Wish you all health and happiness and so long!


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