The Greek picnic!

On Friday, October 13th we held in our school the picnic activity. Two days before the picnic our students translated the slogans sent by Latvia and they painted the banners with great joy and creativity. Then we visited an idyllic landscape in our village and the parents came and offered with great willingness homemade dishes. We were impressed by their participation and willingness to cook … Continue reading The Greek picnic!

Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 30th September, 2017. Day 5

The last day of our 4th transnational project meeting was the most amazing one! We visited Istanbul, one of the most charming and fascinating cities in the world which brings together two continents, Europe and Asia. After a delightful breakfast by the sea, we visited the top attractions of the city starting with Top Kapi Palace. We wandered in the beautiful gardens, learned about the … Continue reading Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 30th September, 2017. Day 5