Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 29th September, 2017. Day 4

On Thursday, September 28 we met at the lobby and left for Chubuk lyceum all in a good mood.

The start of the day at school was bright. The participants of the project were offered to take their EBRU paintings and put them into cases which themselves could be named pieces of art, kindly made by students’ mothers. Everyone of us was really thankful.

Then the teachers gathered for office work. Selma made a great presentation devoted to the activities of the second year, namely the visits to Romania, Greece and Poland and what every country will do in the frames of the project.

Then followed the Escape Room activity, which brought a lot of positive emotions again. The representatives of all partner countries showed how co-operative and quick-minded they are. The participants of the game were locked and were given hints which helped them to solve puzzles and open the doors.

The joy of escape was doubled when we congratulated Manuela on her birthday!

Dear Manuela!

We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

May you have many more years of success and happiness ahead!


A fantastic cake with the project logo on it was a present and it was absolutely delicious as well. The cake was cut by the representatives of all countries.

Both the Escape Room activity and the ceremony of cutting the cake made us feel closer to each other  and was really heartwarming.

However, then came a sad moment when we had to say “Goodbye” to the Chubuk Lyceum. We will bring home memories about hospitality, generosity and care of the principal, teachers, students and their parents!

Another very significant event was visiting the Turkish Parliament. We visited the hall where politicians make decisions, walked around the buildings and had lunch. At the end of the visit everyone got a lovely gift with the parliament symbols.

The next important place where we went was the museum devoted to the most honorable person in Turkey- Kemal Ataturk. There we saw a lot of things connected with the life and work of this beloved and important leader. We were impressed by the greatness of the place; treasures gathered there and watched the ceremony of changing the guard.

Then we had some spare time to see the center of the city, to walk through street, have some coffee and feel the rhythm of life in Turkey.

In the evening we took part in the Certificate giving ceremony at the restaurant, friendly sponsored by Valter company. We are thankful to the president of the company who came to meet us personally. Everything was to the highest standard and we enjoyed every moment.

All of us were grateful and respectful and had the feeling of being a part of a great family.

Ankara! Teşekkür  ederım!


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