Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 28th September, 2017. Day 3

The third day of activities suffered a slight change due to the late arrival at the hotel on the previous night. Therefore the activities by the EU students was rescheduled for Thursday. When arriving at school we were delighted with an excellent performance by the school choir accompanied by traditional dancing.
Soon after we had a coffee break where we were offered the most delicious traditional food kindly made by the students’ mothers.
The morning activities finished at the Art room with a workshop on Ebru art. We teachers tried the art ourselves and had the privilege of feeling like true artists.
Before departing to Ankara we had lunch at a local restaurant in the neighbourhood.
In Ankara we visited the pretigious Anatolian Civilizations Museum.
After that we were given some free time to do shopping or rest.
At sunset we visited Ankara castle which offered us  a breathtaking view over the beautiful city.
We finished the day off the best way possible at the Kinacizade Mansion where we were served the unique Turkish cuisine.


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