Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 26th September, 2017. Day 2

We set off early on the second day. The first stop, Salt Lake, turned out to contain no water. We found that 40% of the salt on the Turkish market comes from this surrealistic scenery place. Back on the route was Selime Monastery hiding magnificent mystery and charm. Is is the place where the first Christians hid away from their enemies.  As the time passed it was givena more practical use: homes, stables and pidgeon houses. Trying to keep up with a schedule we hit the road again towards Ihlara Valley to see the canyon and The Hassan Mountain. What can we say; impressive as everything we have seen so far.

Next stop was the hot water lake formed in an extinct volcano crater. In a  moonlike landscape we distinguished the layers of volcano previous activity.

Another amazing discovery was the fact that there are 203 underground cities in the area, one of which – Kaymakli – we dived to feel.

Not surprisingly, we had lunch in a cave restaurant called Uranus.

Goreme, the place well-known for being the cradle of christianity, was also carved in mountains to provide a safe place of warship.

The atmosphere warmed up again in a cosy and neatly decorated

mansion restaurant 250 years old.

All in all it was a  long and tiring but absolutely fabulous day.


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