Turkey Meeting: Cubuk – 25th September, 2017. Day 1

Here we are in Turkey at the beginning of the second year of our project whose aim is to get sweet results by bringing all the factors involved in the educational process closer together.
First of all we believe it is important to thank our special hosts for the warm welcoming and special atmosphere that surrounded us since the very first moment we arrived.
Our first day in Turkey began in the hotel lobby where the members of the 7 teams, from the 7 countries, happy to meet again were welcomed by their gratious hosts, the project coordinators.
Our day continued at school where we were impressed by the kind words of the headmaster of the Cubuk Anadolu Lisesi. His words found the path directly to our hearts. After, we all said a few words to express our feelings and thoughts, our happiness and gratitude to be together again in such a beautiful place with such wonderful people.
The way we had been welcomed, the school, our project s corner were amazing, we loved the reading lounge and especially the coffee that the headmaster of Cubuk Anadolu Lisesi served us in his very own office.
We visited the school and afterwards we went to the Conference hall where we had a special moment about our project s first year. We remembered the best moments of the first year. Also we had a contest and all we were winners.
We were impressed by the fact that we were surrounded by students and parents happy to meet us and willing to know us better and to communicate. Also, in the Conference room we had the chance to taste the traditional Turkish dishes made and served by parents and students. By the way, everything was great and tasty.
Actually, everywhere around us is tempting tasty food…
Afterwards we had lunch with the governor and with the mayor of Cubuk. It was enchanting time.
In the middle of the day we have visited the Cubuk  Museum where we were welcomed by the officialities and by the education inspector of the region, we had the chance to learn more about Turkish history, culture, music, dances and traditions.
Afterwards, we had a great surprise. We were taken to see Karagol lake and we enjoyed wonderful moments and wonderful views in a great company.
We ended or day in the same cheerfull spirit at the Kavakli restaurant. We enjoyed our time with our hosts and partners and we  could not wish for more. It is great to be together again!
Thank you, our Turkish friends. You made us feel cared about and honoured like in a family! We knew that Turkish people were beautiful inside out and this day was merely a confirmation!
Tesekkur ederim!


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