Portugal Meeting: Funchal – 29th April, 2017. Day 5

The last day of the meeting was another big success. We went to school and had 2 sessions. Firstly we evaluated the meeting and the first year of the project and all agreed that the mission was completed with great satisfaction. At the meeting Ms Manuela Monteriro, Portugal suggested establishing a new whatsap group which would have just the contact persons from each partner school as the existing one was a bit too crowded and it resulted in not following the process smoothly. We all approved this suggestion and also decided to have a facebook account for the project. Romanian team got the responsibility of setting up this account.In the next session, we all went to the area where we would do the mural.We believe that mural work is a good way to disseminate the project and enhance its visibility.Each partner school was given a 40˟40 cm area to draw their mural and convey their messages.. The result was much more beyond our expectations. Meanwhile the EU Club students of the school made an interview with the coordinator of the project, Ms Selma Ture and the Romanian teacher Ms Ioana Letitia Budu. After finishing our artistic work, we went up to Monte Palace Tropical Garden where we had chance to see and smell wonderful flowers, exotic plants and peace of nature . The end of this visit was also the end of the third meeting. At that point, we were full of mixing feelings : On one side the happiness for having such a wonderful project group but on the other side unhappiness for losing a paradise. We all felt ourselves at  a one-week paradise on the magnificient island of  wonderful flowers, fragnance and stunning landscape. But we all know that  :

The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a heav’n of hell, a hell of heaven
 Paradise Lost- John Milton

To conclude ; the third meeting was satisfactorily held and we all went home wiser, happier and more determined as we once more realised that we can have paradise firstly in our minds. Once we do it, then it will be easier to attain our goals for a better world.


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