Portugal Meeting: Funchal – 27th April, 2017. Day 3

Today we started in the morning with a lovely walk through the streets of Funchal. We stopped by statues of the most important men in Madeira’a history: Joao Goncalves Zarco, Henry the Navigator, Christopher Columbus. Then we visited the most colorful Park of Saint Catherine with its amazing flowers, shrubs and trees. Right after the park, there was the President’s Palace. The President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque himself, came to meet all participants of the PIE project, and drank a glass of Madeira wine with us. We also visited beautiful garden next to the palace. After that we proceeded to the Museum of Sacred Art where we could see the Processional Cross funded by Dom Manuel, the King of Madeira, and many historic triptic paintings. Later we also went to the most famous wine company in Madeira of the Blandys family, and tasted genuine Madeira wine. We finished the day with a traditional meal and a performance of folk dances. Some of us also participated in them!


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