Portugal Meeting: Funchal – 26th April, 2017. Day 2

The second day of the programme was fascinating! Today we had the bus island tour which was exciting! The students of EBSAAS joined us and made our tour more pleasant. Our first stop was at Capo Girao where the view from the height of 580m was breathtaking! On our way we admired the incredible spine -chilling landscapes that make life- long memories to us. Then we visited the picturesque village of Sao Vicente with the rustic manor houses.  Our next stop was at amazing Seixal where we enjoyed a relaxing walk at the black-sand beach of the volcanic origin. We also had a walk in the dock where we admired the big cliffs and the waterfalls. Afterwards, we arrived at wonderful Porto -Moniz, the highlight of our day. There we enjoyed a delicious meal with local dishes. Porto -Moniz is famous for its extraordinary natural pools and the beautiful scenery which was a great delight for us. In the end, we arrived at the hotel full of wonderful images. Thank you very much for the great experience! We love your fabulous island!


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