Portugal Meeting: Funchal – 25th April, 2017. Day 1

The first day in Portugal was wonderful. I am not really sure if we should start with the beautiful island, with the warm atmosphere or with the sweet people. I think that the joy of seeing each other again was double because we were welcomed in a very warm and cosy atmosphere. Thank you dear Manuela, Ana, Gorete!
The first thing in the morning was the meeting at school. We all gathered in the lobby and we were guided to school. We were welcomed by the teachers and students who offered a nice spectacle and a guided school tour. We liked the most the song that was made after We will rock you (Queen music) by the students members in EU Club. The lyrics were very close to our project theme and objectives. The meeting was good and very useful since we saw the most important deliverable until now, the Awareness Notebook. We think that it is great and that it is the result of the hardwork of our coordinator and of course the result of a great team effort in each country. Also during the meeting we discussed important aspects about the Scenic Calendar and about the Culinary conference. Our coordinator broke the ice about the Culinary conference, in Turkey the activity was already done so we saw the movie/ the result today. We found it really interesting and gave us a lot of ideas. We concluded that Turkish cuisine should be delicious because it surely looks like it is.
After that we had lunch at school and we can say it was tasty.
The following activity was a visit in the old town and a journey between heaven and earth – by cable car. The view was great, we had the chance to admire the natural beauty of Madeira.
The day ended with an incredibly tasty dinner with great food, great wine and great conversation and atmosphere.
The food for the soul was the Fado Music. We feel wealthier in many ways already after only one day here.
Thank you for everything!
Much love and appreciation!


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