1st day of spring – Greece

Livanio Geniko Lykeio Kardamylon celebrated the Spring Equinox, on 21st March, 2017.In the event took part the students and their parents involved in the project. The meeting had a great success.

The participants attended a presentation about the Equinox and the different customs around the world. In Greece there is not a special custom for this day, but we celebrate the coming of spring with “Marti”, a bracelet made from red and white thread. We wear this bracelet in order to protect ourselves from the spring sun.

After the first presentation, Mrs Eleni Georgouli, present the topics of equity and equality. She mentioned the political equality, the social equality and all the different types. The participants were given comment cards after the presentations to get feedback and we had an interesting discussion about the equity of people in our country and the rest of the world.

At the end we watched a video about the last transnational meeting in Spain. Students and parents were fascinated by the photos and the videos and asked for more information. The headmaster of our school, Mr Dimitris Lefkaditis motivated the students to participate in the Erasmus activities.


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