1st day of spring – Poland

Last Wednesday, 21.03.2017, our whole school celebrated the first day of spring. In Poland every school celebrates this event, because this is the day, when our students don’t take part in traditional lessons. We also have habits associated with this day. Marzanna is a typically Slavonic custom, still quite popular in Poland.

Originally it was connected with seasonal rites and the idea of death and rebirth of nature. Local community members made Marzanna of straw and old clothed, shaped as a female, and brought to a river. Then she was burnt and thrown into water to drift away with current. She was supposed to take the winter away with her and make space for the spring to come. Nowadays it is also well known, however it’s lost its ludic character. Burning and drowning Marzanna is an occasion to have fun, sometimes make a party or a feast. It is still very popular on the first day of calendar spring, March 21st.

First we went to a horse stable, where some of the students had the opportunity to ride a horse. Later there was a bonfire and roasting sausages. We all spend a great time.

After returning to school our European club met to see a presentation on the spring solstice. Everyone was very curious and interested in presentation.


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