Spain Meeting: Seville – February 2017. General evaluation

Erasmus + Project PIE- Parent Involvement in Education had its second transnational meeting in Spain during 20-24 th February 2017 with the participation of teachers and contact persons of partner schools. As it was the second meeting, all the participants knew each other very well, which made it easier to do things more smoothly. As it can be seen in each day’s summary, the meeting was very fruitful in terms of office work and cultural interaction. We all satisfied that all the planned activities were done well so far and each partner school had its own  positive feedback about them. As for the following activities we had a consensus on how to manage them.Our first deliverable- ‘Awareness Handbook ‘ will be published in 3 weeks after the meeting. The scenic calendar for 2018 is also the other important issue of the meeting.After long negotiations we all agreed to use Latvia’s layout for the calendar. Moreover the logo of the Project was decided at the meeting. Latvian team proposed their logo design and the participants unanimously agreed to the proposal.

When it comes to the cultural interaction, it is indisputably valuable to see the cultural inheritage of Spain and its reflection in the modern world. All the historical buildings, monuments and architectural structures showed us that the power of human mind and art is timeless and worths admiring. While walking along the narrow streets of Sevilla and Cordoba we couldn’t help thinking who had walked through them hundreds of years ago and how had they felt, which made us all feel ourselves a part of a great history.

The other thing that  we cannot exclude from the meeting is the  Spanish cuisine. Everyday we all had the opportunity to taste different dishes of Spain. Tapas provided us to exchange cultural issues while tasting  delicious meals. We all know that culture is not just architecture, music  or literature but it is everything that touches human lives and hearts. Therefore the Spanish cuisine made us learn the Spanish culture better.

Last but not  least is the ‘Flamenco Show’ we had on 21st February. The facial expressions of the dancers and singers and the determination in their movements made us think that what they were doing was beyond dancing and singing but it was art itself . We could feel the sorrow in their tunes and faces, which made us all feel the same  and understand them.

To sum up ; our second transnational meeting was a big success in many ways and once again we realised that mutual understanding and tolerance can solve the problems and we are all equal parts of the same universe and humanity. We are looking forward to having the next meeting in Portugal.


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