Spain Meeting: Seville – 23rd February, 2017. Day 4

On Thursday, 23rd February, the Erasmus+ team gathered at Antonio Dominguez Ortiz school, in Seville, at 9 a.m.
The meeting began with the several suggestions for the 2018 calendar. Each country representatives have presented their drafts for the months they were responsible for.
After analysing and duscussing all the proposals, the Latvian layout for the calendar has been unanimously chosen.
The Portuguese team has suggested each country had a picture representing their homeland as well as a quotation from a national known character for each month.
Latvian teachers have then presented a logo which had been created by their European club students. This logo is now the  new Erasmus + project “Parents’ involvement in Education” official symbol.
Latvia has also shown a video about the1st meeting of teachers in Daugavpills and also their students’ work so far.
The coordinator of the project, Selma, reminded Romania is responsible for the activity “Culinary day”. Ionna informed Romanian students, teachers and parents will prepare national Easter dishes together, including main course, second course and dessert. This activity is still being prepared but will be recorded and broadcasted live to the other participant countries. It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
The coordinator, Selma, has then suggested the creation of a recipe book with national dishes of the seven involved countries. The purpose would be to approach children and parents, showing them activities they are capable of doing together. Spain suggested a digital book instead and all countries agreed.
The coordinator has also reminded Greece of the activity “Equinox”, they are responsible for. Aleka has told the group everything is being prepared and will be sent two weeks before the deadline.
All countries have then discussed the students’ mobility to Turkey as some of the parents do not allow their children to travel to this country because of the political situation and possible security issues. As an alternative Polland accepted the students’ mobility to their country and asked for Turkey’s help on programming the students’ activities.
Selma, the protect coordinator, will make all the necessary efforts with their national agency to adapt the previous programme to the groups’ decision. A new agreement will probably be signed by all the involved countries.
After the coffee break, the Spanish students have presented a wonderful music show.
Spanish teachers have promoted a workshop on which teachers presented their ideas on what students need and expect from us, what we want to offer our students and what our families are like.
After lunch the group has visited Centro del Mudéjar and Palácio de los Marqueses de la Algaba.
At the end of the day a farewell dinner took place in Carlos Baena restaurant and the participant certificates were handed out.


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