Spain Meeting: Seville – 21th February, 2017. Day 2

Our Spanish friends prepared a tough but exciting agenda for the day. We were dragged through the history of Sevilla with a real pleasure.
After having a delicious breakfast in a cosy Pasarela hotel we walked across the Park of Maria Luisa to the Sevilla Town Hall where were welcomed by overjoyed headmaster of Instituto de Education Secundaria Antonio Dominguez Ortiz and the mayor of the city.
We learnt that the Town Hall,which was built on the site of the St. Franciscan convent, consists of two parts. We were bewildered by the slighty complicated history of the place, yet the thing to remember is the fascinating motto of the kings and contemporary people in power: No& Do which means more or less: In the name of our Lord.
The tour of the magnificent Palace of Alcazar was another lesson of astonishing history and culture of Spain. Amusing and witty guidance of Enrique enabled us to put the pieces of Spanish and Murish heritage together. We admired the mozaique and tiles on the walls, ceilings and floors and we learnt that the names of three kings were repeated more times than any others: Ferdinand III, Alfonso X and Peter I. Then we had a rest in a shade of orange trees observing proud peacocks and got bitten by a wild duck.
Then we visited the Cathedral of St. Mary with the Giralda Tower supported by the two sisters Justa and Rufina, the clever daughters of a potter, who prevented it from collapse during the Lisbon earthquake. The fact was presented in a brilliant painting of Francisco de Goya which we saw in one of the chapels. The fabulous building of the cathedral was built on the site of a mosgue in the 15th century. It was a thrilling experience to walk around the place and see Christopher Columbus resting in peace (or pieces) after having been burried in several places before.
After that we had lunch in a typical Spanish tapas restaurant Lobo Lopez. Needles to say, the delicious food and the wine full of body set us in a good mood for the rest of the day.
Navigating through the narrow streets of the city we had traditional Seville ice cream along with espresso to land in Mercado de Triana and enjoy a traditional flamenco show in Casa la Teatro. The musicians and the dancer expressed their feelings with the instrument and the movements, which was extraordinary. The sparkles of the strings and the splinters of the floor gave us real thrills.

After a light dinner, tired but on cloud number nine we went to sleep.
Spanish team – thank you very much!


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