Spain Meeting: Seville – 20th February, 2017. Day 1

The first day of the second project meeting in Seville was amazing. Our precious hosts expected us in the hotel lobby and guided us to I.E.S. Antonio Dominguez Ortiz, their workplace, their family and their passion.
We appreciated that their work it is far from being easy but their are involved completely – heart and mind, body and soul – in what is generally clasified as teaching and counselling. We were amazed by how warm the relationship between teachers and students are. The students are encouraged to express their feelings and to get as close as possible to their teachers. Their mission is difficult, maybe even more than difficult, but these people believe in their students and are determined to do impossible, to stay strong and to struggle with all the demons and disabilities of their students. They are determined to make these students believe that they can do more for and with themselves.
Some of the key words for today were: emotions, emotional intelligence, expressing feeling, believe and trust in each other.
We have also seen an exhibition in the school with the copies of the works of a famous painter in SpainMurillo, made by students and listened the school’s choir. We enjoyed these moments a lot.
This activity was followed by an organized meeting in which we discussed about the content and about the design of the awareness handbooks, we exchanged ideas, we decided the main directions for putting together the awareness quotes into an ideal form.
After that, we had the chance to observe with our own eyes the relationships between teachers, students and their families at I.E.S. Antonio Dominguez Orti and we had lunch together in a friendly atmosphere.
On our way back to the hotel we admired the beautiful gardens in the center of Seville.
Later we visited the “Barrio de Santa Cruz” district which amazed us by its beautiful architecture, history, lights and shadows, colours and artizanal shops. The atmosphere of the old town transported us back in time and made us feel lucky to be here.
All the organized activities filled our hearts and minds with memories impossible to forget.
We ended our day with a delicious meal and with the strong feeling that we still have a lot to see, learn and feel.
Thank you, Sevilla!


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