The film review in Romania

The first project activity held in 2017 is “Film Review Day”. The activity was held on the 17th of January. The activity consisted in projecting the movie “Pay it forward”. The film was proposed by us (Romanian partner school) and chosen by the project partners by online vote.  At the activity were equally invited the students, their parents and the teachers from our school. We were happy to see that all the students and all the parents involved in the project were present and that they were captivated by the movie. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and everybody enjoyed the movie but also their juice, coffee and popcorn.  After the movie they completed their task, they filled in the comment card and also discussed a lot about the movie, about the protagonist, about the other characters. They seemed to recognize themselves in some of the characters (both students, parents and teachers) and we can say that the discussion was soon transformed in a debate.We must say that maybe, for the first time, the atmosphere and the communication between students, parents and teachers was very pleasant, the entire activity went naturally and we can say that we noticed a real progress in the relationships.


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