The film review in Spain

One of the activities planned in our project is the “Film Review Day”.

Last Thursday, the 19th of January, we completed this activity with the projection of the movie “Pay it forward”, film proposed by Romania. We met students, parents and teachers in the Library of our institute to see the movie

The entrance of fathers and mothers in the school for realizing a joint activity turned out to be highly curious for the rest of the students because the presence of parents is unusual during the class time. This fact untied the curiosity of enough pupils who were asking for the reasons of the above mentioned presence.

It was very wealth-producing to see parents, pupils and teachers sat together having the same activity. The behavior was irreproachable during the whole session and we could verify that the parents presence in the center not only was not restricting the accomplishment of activities but they were promoting collaboration and participation in the same ones.

It is important to highlight teachers never felt inconvenient with this presence but just the opposite. There was breathed an environment of easing of common very satisfactory task.

With regard to the task, they have got a card of work (each group of relatives and children) where there would remain reflected their opinions about the protagonists, their characteristics, the argument of the movie and their message to be able to begin a later discussion with regard to these aspects.

We asked them on aspects relative to the experience and if they had done it previously. The general coincidence was that this task was new for everyone. The results of this experience were highly positive, since the affability, the collaboration and the disposition of all relatives who came. Then we asked them, at home, to realize a few comments so that in a more private space. The answer couldn’t be more satisfactory and motivating.

A prominent aspect has been the recognition on the part of the participants of the little frequency that proves to do joint activities between parents and children and how they prosper mutually on having listened to opinions of some and others on the same topic.

To finish, the involvement of parents in the educational process of their children turn out to be gratifying for all the parts: students, relatives and teachers.




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