The film review in Greece

Students, parents and teachers watched the movie “Pay it forward” at Livaneio Geniko Lykeio Kardamylon, on 31st January. The movie was proposed by Romania and was voted by all partners as the most suitable and interesting.

Pay It Forward is a movie based on a novel written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. It is a movie about a social studies teacher giving his class an assignment, encouraging them to change the world into a better place to live in, and to fill the world with love. Trevor McKinney proposes the idea of ‘paying it forward’, that is to do something good for three people. Instead of paying him back, these three people should pay it forward by doing a favor for three more people.

There are several themes in this movie.

Firstly, the world can be changed into a better place if people are generous, united and when they are willing to help the others and not expecting any rewards from them. In the movie, Trevor does his best to change people’s minds and the world. He offers food and a shelter to a homeless man. He also tries to fix his relationship with his mother, who has broken up with his father. The idea of ‘paying it forward’ begins to spread in the town. Almost everyone is keen in taking part in this project and wanting to help the others. It reveals that love is growing among people. In our daily life, charity organizes activities to raise money and other materials so as to help people who suffer from poverty and starvation in poor countries. During the SARS period, volunteers gathered and visited old people. They helped cleaning up their places. These generous people and volunteers may not be ‘paying it forward’ like the characters do in the movie, but they are trying their best to help others, even strangers. They change the world and spread love.

Secondly, persistence and strong belief towards a certain thing always help us to be successful. We should always be confident in ourselves and to trust ourselves that we can make changes in our lives. In Pay It Forward, Trevor fails a several times in his project. He does a great job in helping people, hoping and believing them that they will pay it forward.

After the movie parents and students filled in comment cards that were prepared by Portugal, in order to give us feedback about this activity.  In the discussion we had afterwards we realized that parents and students loved the movie and they wish to have more similar experiences.

Students drew several significant conclusions from the story.

1) Any single person can effect changes that can affect many others.

2) There are many who needs help,

3) Majority has a sense of gratitude and are willing to do what is asked of them especially when you have given them assistance.

Looking forward to having our next activity.


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