The Shortest Day in Spain

The three activities included in our project to be developed in December were realized in our high school, IES Antonio Domínguez Ortiz, in the week from 19th to 21st December, 2017. The first activity, which was implemented, was the presentation of “The Management of the Time“ and its further discussion. Our students were very interested in this topic and they thought that a good organization of … Continue reading The Shortest Day in Spain

The Shortest Day in Latvia

It was celebrated on 21st December 2016. The school principal, Ms Olga Dukšinska welcomed the parents  and students involved in the project. All participants, the members of the EU club (11 students) and their parents were acquainted with the PowerPoint presentation about “Time Management”. The participants were given comment cards to get feedback. All participants found the presentation very intersting and useful with valuable tips. Some tips … Continue reading The Shortest Day in Latvia