Second meeting with parents – Turkey

We held the second parents meeting on 7th December with the participation of six parents, project coordinators and our vice principal Sazinur Olcay.
The top item on the agenda of the meeting was “Awareness Notebooks” by which we aim to raise awareness in various fields. Two different kinds of notebooks were designed before the meeting, one of which is for parents  consisting of four parts entitled as “my son/daughter, school environment, digital skills, culture” and the other for students with the parts entitled as “me, my parents, school environment, culture” .
At the meeting, “Awareness Notebooks” were handed out and parents were informed in detail about what they were expected to do with them. The steps they will follow are as the following:
  1. They will note down what they realize in daily life on their notebooks at least three days a week.
  2. The notebooks will be collected after a two month period.
  3. The most interesting quotes will be selected and gathered in a leaflet.
We also shared our impressions and experiences about Latvia meeting with the parents.

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