Summary of the first translational project meeting in Latvia

Our Erasmus+ Project PIE – Parent Involvement in Education To Get Sweet Results officially started on the 1st September 2016. At the implementation process of the project we have planned 5 transnational project meetings and 2 Learning / Teaching / Training activities.

 The first transnational project meeting in Latvia was held on the anticipated time with the participation of 3 teachers from each partner school. As it would be the first meeting, we had envisaged to have presentations about partner countries and schools. In addition to these presentations ; we had planned to have discussion sessions on project activities. What we did and what we planned to do can be listed as the following :


  • Each partner school had powerpoint presentations on their countries, schools and education systems.
  • We all had the opportunity to compare and contrast our educational systems .
  • We revised the project activities for the first year and made a detailed planning how to carry them out.
  • We collected ‘movie’ proposals for the ‘Film Review Day’ , which will be held on the 17th January 2017.
  • We had invaluable experience in terms of cultural exchange and group work
  • We had the opportunity to taste delicious dishes of Latvian Cuisine.
  • We enjoyed ourselves by practising traditional Latvian pottery and clay art.
  • We learnt about Latvian history and culture through the guidance of our warm and polite hosting school staff.
  • Despite the cold weather, we warmed ourselves with kind-hearted and warm people of Latvia.


  • We planned to prepare everyday expressions and phrases in each participating counrty’s language to be learnt by other partners. These phrases will be uploaded on our website , which will enable us to learn them in advance. By doing this, we will be able to say something in each partner’s language.
  • We planned to send a brief report to Romania for the completed activities- Establishment of EU Clubs, The Brown Bag Lunch, Teacher /Parent Surveys- .By using these reports , Romania will write the first status report.
  • We planned to keep high spirit for the second meeting. To do so., we have a motto : Erasmus +, Let us Surplus !


Timetable for the meetings :

Transnational Project Meetings :

  1. Latvia : (21st -25 th November 2016 )
  2. Spain : (20th – 24 th February 2017)
  3. Portugal : ( 24th – 28 th April 2017)
  4. Romania : ( 04th – 08th December 2017)
  5. Poland : ( 07th -11th May 2018)

Learning / Teaching / Training Activities

  1. Turkey : (25th -29th September 2017 ) Communication and Relationship Management
  2. Greece : ( 12th – 16 th February 2018) Training on ‘Code Club : Programming with App Inventor

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