Brown Bag Lunch Portugal at Escola Básica e Secundária Dr. Ângelo Augusto da Silva (14th November,2016)

The PIE Project activityPIE Project activity «Brown bag lunchBrown bag lunch» was held at our school on 14th November. This was a special date for us because it was our school’s 38thanniversary. We have invited our European Club students as well as their parents to attend the meeting and celebration. Our main aim was to get both parents and students acquainted with the project’s purpose, activities and procedures. Our principal, Mr. Armando Barreiro, has also decided to hand out certificates to the students who have finished the previous school year with excellent results. All school students, teachers and parents of the awarded students were also invited to attend the ceremony. Our local Education Secretary was our honoured guest.

The ceremony, which took place at our school gym, started with our principal’s welcome speech and our choir’s performance. All guests were then invited to participate in our brown bag lunch, in the students’ bar. In a relaxed atmosphere parents had the opportunity to meet their children’s teachers and discuss their main concerns.

The European Club students and their parents were then gathered in our EC room for further information on the project, the countries involved as well as their participation in the program activities for both years.All of them were very happy to be part of this international project.


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