Brown Bag Lunch Latvia at Daugavpils Secondary school 16 (3rd November,2016)

The first activity of “PIE” project, the Brown Bag Lunch, was held in Daugavpils Secondary school 16, on 3rd November 2016. The aim of this meeting was to get parents involved in the education process and inform parents about project activities.

The school principal, Ms Olga Dukšinska welcomed the parents and students involved in the project. All participants, the members of the EU club (11 students) and their parents, were informed about the project activities and the roles of all project participants by Ms Olga Dukšinska and Ms Žanna Špoģe. The classroom teacher of the students, Ms Svetlana Zarjanova, also took part in organising this meeting.We introduced the web site of the project. Thus, the participants had a great opportunity to get to know a lot about the other schools involved in the Erasmus+ project. The meeting was held in a casual atmosphere with freshly baked buns from our school canteen served with a cup of tea and coffee. We had a discussion about the main aspects concerning the most important issues of the project.

Finally, we applied the survey for parents and closed the meeting. Parents and students were satisfied at the end of the meeting and they expressed their contentment about being a part of this project and to participate at all the activities that will be held in the project in the next two years.


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