Latvia Meeting – 22nd November, 2016. Day 2.

Daugapvils, Latvia- 22nd November,2016

Our second day of our PIE project meeting in Latvia started at 9 o’clock with a visit at the State Duma. There we were most warmly welcomed by the oficialities of the  city. We were presented rich and interesting materials about Latvia, its people, about Daugavpils, latvian traditions and most important cultural and economical aspects. After that, we visited the city centre, a commercial centre and some shops in the area. At noon, we went to Daugvapils Vidusskola 16 where we had lunch. As the first activity in school, Greece presented their country and their school. It was a beautiful presentation. The next activity consisted of another presentation from Turkey, the project coordinator. The presentation was about the activities for the first year of the project. We established the tasks for each partner and detailed each activity.
After that, we visited the Latvian School premises. We attended different kinds of activities: dancing classes, swiming classes, gym activities. We visited classrooms, laboratories, the zoo corner. We also met a group of children and parents who were part of a program which consists of getting the children from kindergarten accostumed with the school atmosphere.
At the end of the day we had an informal dinner in a latvian traditional establishment where we got to meet each other better.
We are waiting anxiously for the third day!


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