Latvia Meeting – 21st November, 2016. Day 1.

Daugapvils, Latvia- 21st November,2016
Today it has been the first day of our Erasmus programme in Daugavpils, Latvia.
First of all, we have to thank our Latvian colleagues for hosting all of us with such a warm welcome. Thanks to Zhanna and her principal because we felt very much at home.
The first contact has been early in the morning while we were having breakfast and most of us didn’t know each other yet…however, food joins! And it was a way to break the ice and start introducing ourselves.
Once in the Latvian school the reception couldn’t have been better, they have received all the partner countries impressively. Latvian presentation was accompanied by some students’ performances, a very funny dancing and a nice concert. These students even made us dance!
Then we all presented our countries, cities, schools and students to know better where we work and come from, except for our Greek colleagues who joined us later so tomorrow we will enjoy their presentation.
The lunch at the canteen has been superb and another chance to talk, know each other a bit more and exchange first impressions.
Later, at the Clay Art Center we could appreciate the Latvian artisans and their traditional handmade ceramic pieces. The best part was that, there, we could felt like “Latvian artisans” as we tried to work with the clay ourselves. Nice experience indeed. We have to wait until Friday to see the results of our wonderful creations and our more artistic side. “Fingers crossed ”
We ended this fantastic first day full of activities having a splendid dinner all together at Latgola Hotel.
To Spain this is our first Erasmus project and experience, so we are absolutely excited and we are enjoying every moment with the rest of the partners.
We leave it at this point and pass the torch to another country…tomorrow more.

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