Brown Bag Lunch Spain at IES Antonio Domínguez Ortiz (2 November,2016)

We also held the Brown Bag Lunch meeting in Antonio Domínguez Ortiz School in Seville on 2nd November 2016.x

Several activities to be developed in cooperation with parents, students and teachers were planned for that day including a football match between students and teachers, and some other outdoor games.

After a long time with no activity at all, the “Family Association” was created, and parents actively engaged in this, which by the way was a primary goal for us. Parents voted and chose its logo from drawings designed by their own children, the students.

Then, the Erasmus teamwork teachers explained them the project with particular emphasis on their role and involvement in all the activities included in the Erasmus/ in such a project/ in such undertaking. We showed them a video presentation of our students, too.

We ended the day with a very pleasant and enjoyable lunch where parents and teachers had the opportunity to share and exchange views on common school issues while the Erasmus Club students were walking around interviewing parents and filling out the questionnaires they had previously worked out.

Many parents attended to school for the first time this day! Thanks to all those who came: parents, students and all the teachers that helped and supported this activity.


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