Brown Bag Lunch Romania at Liceul Tehnologic Hîrlău (2 November,2016)

The Brown Bag Lunch meeting activity was held also in Romania at Liceul Tehnologic Hîrlău – partner school taking part in the Project PIE. The ‘Brown Bag Lunch’ was a meeting that was held during lunch period on 2nd day of November and was an informal opportunity for the participants to learn more about the project and to discuss the aspects that are important for each and every one of them. The participants were offered pie and coffee. The activity was held with the participation of parents. The teachers and parents involved in the project had the chance not only to meet each other but also to be informed about the activities of the project. The meeting was held in a casual atmosphere away from the formality of school. First, we explained our project with a PowerPoint presentation and told them their roles in the activities. Second, we offered answers at their questions and discussed the main aspects that both us and them considered important. Finally, we applied the survey for parents and closed the meeting. Parents were satisfied at the end of the meeting and they expressed their contentment about being a part of this project. The parents also signed an agreement for them and their children to participate at all the activities that will be held in the project in the next two years.


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